2016 - 2017
One of the earliest works I could find. This is a simple artwork created in Paint.NET!
Back then, I was obsessed with particular video games.
In this case, No Man's Sky! Here's a poster:
No Man's Sky is a fantasy science-fiction game. Its major iconography is a floating pyramid, in which a giant supercomputer sits. It's the "god" of the Gameworld and named ATLAS. I created this poster based on the game's backstory. This is the creator of the ATLAS looking into it, asking it to create the game world.
This is the same ATLAS but as a 3D model. I created the scene in Blender. This was meant to symbolize the ATLAS breaking down! And with the god leaving, so is all of reality, hence the glass breakage. This is one of my earliest experimentations in the sphere of 3D modeling.
Inspired so much by the lore, I created documents that attempted to catalog, explain, and offer interpretations of it. It ended up being my first foray into typographic-heavy design.
The lore intrigued me to create more fan-art based on game symbolism...
Pixel art of No Man's Sky iconography. Protagonist to the left, and portal to the right.
My old logo from 2017.
2018 - 2019
Next up, designs for a podcast named "Night Babble". My earliest experimentation in branding design!
The idea was a podcast where we'd stay up all night discussing topics, until our sanity gave out...
My old logo from 2019.
During this year, I created several pixel arts, vector arts, and collage arts.
Each one is on other pages of this site:

Kavan Thompson - Pictures & Stories
Kavan Thompson - Pixel Art
Kavan Thompson - Misc. Vector Work
Kavan Thompson - Landscape Illustrations

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