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Nearly ten years after his last appearance, a crummy Rotten Tomatoes score brings out our favorite childhood bear. But instead of coming for pic-a-nic baskets™, he’s out for murder, blood, and whatever else a cheesy rendition of a classic cartoon character is all about. Did I mention he overtakes Manhattan? 

Dan Akyroyd as “Yogi Bear With A Twist” 
Justin Timberlake as “Skeletal Boo-Boo” 
John Krasinski as "Why Didn't I Stop After A Quiet Place?" 
Jessica Rothe as "Stuck In Another Time Loop" 
Brad Pitt as “Timid Warner Executive Who Will Obviously Die in the First Five Minutes” 
Angelina Jolie as “She Was Too Expensive So She’s In It For Two Seconds” 
Tim Allen as “The One Character Who Shows Up At The End To Tease The Sequel They’re Never Going To Do” 
Leonardi DiCaprio as “I’m Running Out of Actors” 
Keanu Reeves as “Keanu Reeves” 
Robert De Nero as “Unsuspecting Rotten Tomatoes Critic” 
Danny DeVito
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